Unit 4: Chemical ReactionsIn this unit the main concepts that will be covered are importance of chemical reactions, write equations representing chemical reaction, balancing equations, heat of reaction, predict products of a reaction. Test ObjectivesSigns that a chemical reaction has occurred
- solute and solvent-importance of water as a solventWrite chemical word equations and balanced chemical equations- Law of Conservation of MassPredict reaction type and products (including states)- synthesis, decomposition, double replacement, single replacement, and combustionEndothermic and exothermic reactions-using a heat term written in and out of a chemical equationComplete ionic and net ionic equationsClass NotesClassifying Chemical Reactions:
Solubility and Heat of Reaction Notes:

Types of Reactions Reference Sheet:

Assignments and Answer KeysBalancing Formula and Word Equations Answer Key:

Predicting Reactions Assignment:

Predicting Reactions Answer Key:

Reaction Types Hand-in Answer Key:

Aqueous Solutions and Heat of Reaction Answer Key:

Review Answer Key: